Your Voice Is Necessary!

Are you a woman singer, songwriter, musician or performer or a woman who has always longed to express yourself fully through song?

Do you experience paralyzing doubt, fear or resignation when it comes to taking your next big step to explore and share your creative voice?

Have you had to deny your feminine self and fight to get heard?

Do you feel isolated and alone, turned off by the patriarchal, aggressive vibe of the music industry and sick of feeling like you have to prove yourself?

Do you know you have a voice - something to offer the world through music - but you sometimes feel like a fraud, shying away from the phrase "I'm a musician" and unsure if all the struggle is worth it?


You, sister, have come to the right place!

Simply because you long to express yourself through song, means you have something extraordinary to offer and we are here to help you discover it, trust it, develop it and share it

She Sings Out Loud (SSOL, pronounced soul) helps women performers move beyond the barriers of fear, doubt and shame that are impacting your experience of being heard and seen and keeping you stuck in a limited experience of your true creative voice and self-expression.  In sacred women’s community, we work to support you in embodying feminine wisdom in the creative process so you can own the stage with power and poise, courageously taking the next step to impact the world with your sound.  We know you have an extraordinary gift to offer and we are here to help you discover what that is, trust it, and develop to reach your full potential as an artist committed to the transformation and healing of yourself and the world.