Emma Back is a musician, coach, healer, teacher and writer on feminine empowerment.  She is the founder of SSOL (SHE SINGS OUT LOUD).  A Gypsy-Folk-Pop songstress, fiddler, live looping and vocal artist, Emma has been creating music and performing her entire life and has been a full time touring musician since 2011. She is in the process of recording her second album and has performed in the US, France, England, and Israel.  Emma has trained extensively in spiritual and personal empowerment disciplines including Tibetan Buddhism and Landmark Worldwide.  She holds a BA in music from Naropa University - an institution specializing in contemplative and Buddhist inspired education. Emma is on a mission to help people connect deeply with one another, dissolving the barriers of separation that she believes are at the root of war and suffering.  She aspires to be one of many voices currently emerging to help re-awakening feminine values (in ALL genders).  She is fiercely committed to her own self growth, continuing to inquire, discover and integrate what it is to be a woman and live from feminine wisdom as an artist, spiritual seeker, and peace activist in today’s modern world.


About Emma’s music:

Emma Back is a dynamic and passionate performer.  Songstress, vocalist, fiddler and live looping artist, she emerges from Balkan, French, Klezmer and Americana Folk influences.  With Sensual, Bold and Raw Expression, she uses a loop pedal system to create an intricate sonic experience yet her songs embody at their core the simplicity and heart of the troubadour.  Emma’s lyrics have been called “visual to the point of a cinematic short film” (Colorado Music Buzz), invoking the voice of the divine feminine and world issues of war and diaspora.  Her powerful presence onstage creates a sacred intimate space where her audience can touch their humanity and deepest longing for connection.