Are you craving collaboration? Or do you fear it?

Greetings from the sky!

I’m writing this on the airplane headed back to Boulder from another awesome week of recording in San Francisco.  It is so amazing to witness my tunes coming alive under the guidance of Cameron Woodruff, my co-collaborator/music conspirator.  Working with him has been such a privilege and it's gotten me thinking how making music can be a lonely road and how important it is to have people around you who keep you inspired and constantly seeking new creative depths.


Do you resist collaborating?

I'm the kind of girl who likes to pretend I can do it all and I have it all handled.  And, I can do it ALL myself.  Careful if you try to help me, because I might bite your head off…. Especially if you have it all wrong... (and really, I’m pretty convinced ahead of time that you do… because, by the way, this is MY project…) How dare people have input and interrupt my flow and my great ideas with theirs?  Oh wait… I’m the girl who’s all about receiving….


Why we need to collaborate:

Collaboration takes letting go.  And it can be an exhilarating ride, when you find people who truly meet you.  Creativity is never stable, nor predictable.  Collaboration takes opening up to the ride and letting yourself be vulnerable enough to be on it with someone else, sometimes letting them catch you and sometimes letting them destroy an idea so that it can come careening back, brand new and twice as strong. 

When creating, we can sometimes get really stuck in what we know; the melodic phrases we’ve done a million times, the rhythms we hear naturally and feel our way into.  We get attached to what we create.  I once had a writing professor in college tell me “throw out your best line” – it stands out and doesn’t contribute to the whole.  It’s either too good, entirely out of place, or it’s terrible and you just THINK it’s great.  Either way, when we collaborate we become willing to get called out on what doesn’t work that we have been clinging to. 


How to become better collaborators:

Have you ever been in love? Wild ride, right?  Being totally in the unknown.  Same thing in a collaborative relationship.  It’s a dance of getting to know each other and takes tremendous courage and trust to really work.  You have to be willing to BE in the partnership 100% no matter what.   This also means that not all creative partnerships are meant to be and you have to know when to say, “love your ideas, but we’re just not working.”


Collaboration = Inspiration

What is great about collaborating with Cameron is it IS the right fit!  And when there is fit there is creative flow!  I often feel that he is finishing my musical sentences.  It’s just like being in a conversation, where you really, really know you want to say SOMETHING but you can’t quite find the words and then the person you’re talking to says exactly what you meant.


Yes! I’ve finally learned to stop being so uptight!! (at least when it comes to collaborating…)  Together , Cameron and I are bringing my record to life.  Stay tuned for updates! Moral of this blog?  Collaborating makes us stronger, better musicians, better people and inspires more confidence and creativity. 


Are you craving collaboration? 

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Other suggestions for being inspired and seeking collaboration:



  1. Go out to see more live music!  Collaboration is right there in the space, between the performers, between the performers and audience, and within the audience itself as they all listen together.  If you’re looking to meet creative partners, going to shows is one of the best ways.
  2. Be bold in conversations. Be willing to share yourself.  Tell people what you are up to in your creative life.  Overhear someone talking about something that resonates with you?  When in the appropriate setting (at a public event, community table at a coffee shop ect) be willing to put yourself into the conversation.
Posted on January 17, 2014 .