Your Voice Is Neccesary

If there is one thing in the world that saddens me most, it’s when I hear people say “I can’t sing.”  Usually underneath this statement is either a fixed belief about what singing is, or what good singing should sound like, or a memory of a moment when someone else told them “you can’t sing.” 

Well, ladies (and gentleman), I am here to tell you that YOU CAN SING and YOUR VOICE IS NECESSARY!  

Have you heard the saying “if you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing?”  Well, how about this: IF YOU WERE BORN YOU CAN SING.  Some people are terrible talkers, but incredible singers.  I am a pretty decent dancer - when the music and shoes are right  - but I am a terrible walker.  No really… I made a habit of falling UP the stairs everyday in high school.  Yes, I said “up.”  And exercise! Walking exercise! I am terrible at it. 

Okay, it’s true I can strut in high heels, but still… my point is I love this saying, but what about those of you who question the validity of what you have to offer?  Do you feel unworthy in singing or even talking? Or maybe you’re an incredibly confident singer, but you still wonder why you are singing.  What do you have to contribute to the world through singing?  Wouldn’t it be better to be an activist of some sort? Or maybe join the army? Or go build houses and schools in Nicaragua? 

Whatever thoughts you have going on, I am betting you have a limited view of the difference your voice makes in the world.  And I mean your voice – the wisdom deep within you, the message you have been born to speak and contribute – and your actual singing voice, the power of sound and vibration to heal and build connections that transcend war and suffering.


I invite you to come explore the topic Your Voice Is Necessary in women’s sacred community.  Come raise your voice and move beyond any fear you have of expressing your true sound through group singing.

 Monday February 3rd 
free monthly “VOICE CIRCLE.”
North-Central Boulder CO, please RSVP as space is limited

I will show you how to unlock your sound no matter what blocks you are dealing with.  I will guide you toward a more embodied expression of your full self. And we will have a ton of fun with folk songs from around the world.
Bring your voice, your vulnerability, your fear and your faith.
Let’s move mountains together with the power of the human voice raised in song. No experience necessary.  If you’ve always thought “I can’t sing,” Now is the time to start and discover how you can.  If you know you were born to sing, come explore how necessary your voice is and how you can contribute to the world through your sound.

If you ever question the power of singing (and music), watch the documentary “the singing revolution” which showcases how the Estonians literally SANG their way to freedom from the Soviet Union!
And you my dear, can make an impact like this.  Simply by raising your voice in song you can cause any movement, you can be a change maker, you can inspire people, you can show an individual that she’s not alone.  And you can do anything else you want and have any effect you want.  But it starts with you.  You have to know in the core of your being that YOUR VOICE MATTERS and not only does it matter, IT IS NECCESARY.  And, by god, YOU WILL SING!  And you will sing gloriously.  '

Sound will come flooding through you naturally and easily when you open yourself to it.  And people will come and want to listen.  I don’t care if you are tone deaf and have been told your entire life you can’t carry a tune. 

If you long to sing, you will find your way.  You simply have to look deep within, learn to trust in your own power and then gain the tools and techniques to support you in accessing and expressing your unique, beautiful vocal sound. 

I know your voice is necessary and I know that deep down, you know it too.  So look my sister, and sing, sing, sing.  Trust in the power of your voice to strengthen the trust and belief in you that it matters, it matters greatly.  I can’t wait to hear you.  I can’t wait to see how many people you touch, inspire and heal with your voice.  I love you and I believe in you.


Posted on January 24, 2014 .