Okay, dear one, it's time.

(This post was originally sent as a newsletter on January 28th 2015 and I wanted to share it with all of you)

In my last mega-blog I wrote about Emerging From the Dark: Confronting our fear of being heard.   
And now, I'm asking...

Are you ready to uncover the hidden blocks that keep your creative voice stuck inside?  
Are you willing to GIVE UP your beliefs (sometimes unconscious) that you CANNOT express yourself through song, or cannot do so to the extent you truly long for? (like get on that big stage, have a career, record an album, write a song.... whatever it is you think you can't have or do with song, are you ready to find out?)
Are you ready to discover why your voice is necessary... not just the internal necessity that you express yourself... but the truth your voice is a unique and necessary contribution to the world?
Are you ready to connect to your authentic artistic self?
Are your ready to connect to your FEMININE strength and wisdom?
Are you ready to gather a COMMUNITY who (knowingly or not) LONGS FOR WHAT YOU OFFER and has been waiting for you to be ready to share your truth with them? 
Are you ready to learn how to stand before them with power, poise and confidence?
Are you ready to be heard?

I know I am!  

On my birthday this past wednesday, I sat in front of my alter in the brand new studio space I've been working to build as a landing pad in the basement of my parent's home. I laughed and sang and prayed for hours.  I shouted into the empty reverbarating room "I am done subtly apologizing for taking up space and being loud! I am done worrying that I am too much! I am done hiding and wondering why I didn't choose a more 'responsible' path. Music is who I am!" If I don't let my true song out, She will boil and rage until I become sick and exhausted from the sheer energy it takes to keep her in.  


I can resist this need to sing, and the process will be painful, or I can do everything to embrace it, including getting the guidance and support I need to keep surrendering to this song-force within me.  

So, I declare, I am ready!  

I know that you << Test First Name >> are an amazing part of my community.  Thank you thank you thank you for being here.  I know I have been withholding my ALL from you.  I have been afraid of fulling owning the musician I am, no matter how often I stand before you and share my songs open-heartedly.  No matter how much I teach and preach about owning the stage.  No matter how much, on the outside, it looks like I am fully committed to a path of song.  We all have layers to unravel.  We all have deeper and deeper to go on the journey.  I too am afraid.  But, I also have the courage to be vulnerable and to constantly move deeper into my true expression. And, I know you have this courage too.

Will you join me in expressing your heart's truth? And, if that truth comes out in music, will you work to realize that simply because you long to express yourself through song, YOU ARE AN AMAZING MUSICIAN (SINGER, SONGWRITER, PERFORMER, ARTIST)!  It is the longing we carry within us - our SOUL's voice trying to come out, that speaks volumes to who we truly are.  It's time for us all to stop resisting and listen to this truth speak inside.

As Sera Beak Says "There comes a point in your path where you need to fiercely embrace that which you are still in the process of becoming."  

Are you ready to become that which you truly are? 

If you feel your heart strings pulling and nudging you to express yourself through song, I want you to know I am here to show you how to connect with that longing, claim your rightful place onstage, embody your feminine essence, and become ready to receive the people who know your voice is necessary and are waiting to feel the heat of your song.

Join me, women singers, songwriters and performers, in Montpelier Vermont on
February 21st
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I can't wait to hear your voice ring out loud and clear!


Posted on May 1, 2015 .