What is The Feminine? Reflections on Women In Song

The room grows still and dark. Click, Click, my black heals on the stairs. I take the stage.

“What is the feminine?” I ask.

It is a question I have been sitting with for a while, on my quest to understand this energy that moves through me, unleashes herself in song, and aches to join in circle with other women: To come home. To surrender. To awake. To Roar. 

It is the question that drives my music, my teaching and my lust for self-awareness. It is the question at the heart of She Sings Out Loud, and this evening’s event “Women in Song.”

I ask the question because assumptions are easy. Knowing is easy.  Asking, remaining open and unattached, is much harder. 

In my quest to understand THE FEMININE, I have often been too quick to know.  I have named her, boxed her, brought her forth leashed, tight, diffused. Her light dwindles when you keep her tied. Just like mine.

So tonight, I have decided to ask, to leave it open, to wonder…. “What is the feminine?”



Each powerful woman takes the stage.
Each with her own version of Feminine light shining through.

Each embodies HER power.

Each fearlessly shares her voice.

We are united. Unique. The Same. Different. Alone. Together. Separate. One.

She is dark.

She is bright.
She is space.






These are some of the answers that arise, from within me, from the audience, written and spoken out loud. The question continues to hang in the air as we take in each woman’s voice, allow HER music to wash over us.

As performers, we see her in each other. We feel her in the songs. We see her face shining back through the open hearted gaze of our audience’s eyes.

Why do we ask this question?

Because, she has been suppressed and silenced for so long. We must allow HER to reveal herself.  We must avoid our versions of “the feminine” that arise through the interpretation of patriarchy. We must drop our knowing seek to know the true, wise feminine. We must begin to understand what is possible outside of patriarchy, carving a new paradigm where the union of energy – the masculine, the feminine, the yin the yang, space and form, light and dark can bring us to the balance we seek.  We must receive her to become whole.



Today is the summer solstice and full moon – two powerful energies that only happen together every 30 years.

I can feel the shift. The sun at his fullest, the moon at hers. The time for this kind of balance is ripe.

What will you turn towards? What will you allow to speak, that has perhaps, been waiting a long time to be heard? How can you embody more fully your feminine light, today?

The feminine awakes in a movements towards collaboration, over competition.

She shows up in a new understanding of vulnerability as strength (Thanks Berne Brown).

She shows up in honoring rhythms – the seasons, our bodies.

She shows up in every artist.

She shows up in any non-linear way we process and learn.

She shows up in our attempts to become better communicators.

She shows up in every surrender.

She arrives as we learn to live from our core, become receptive, acknowledge our wants and needs and ask for help.

She reveals herself whenever we are willing to see her, wherever we yearn.

She shows up every time we acknowledge that the masculine too has been wounded and can be healed and when we begin to understand that ultimately, these energies are in union.

She comes when we live from the wisdom of our body, listen to our intuitive selves and taking actions accordingly.

She shows up every time we are giving, compassionate and kind.

She teaches us how to live in balance.

In our quest to collectively listen to HER, and allow her truth to re-awaken and become integrated into the mainstream of how we live, I ask you to share your voices, to keep this as an open question, to continue to seek….

What is the feminine?

How do you, embody her?

Posted on June 20, 2016 .