What will you choose?: The Power of Our Will

"I will" (a promise) ~ "I will" (a commitment) ~ "I will" (a choice) ~ "I won’t" (power to choose)


Will power

Will to choose

Will as courage

Will to create

To will something into being.

Do you know where the energetic center of your “will” lives in your body?

It's right in the middle of your ribcage, between your belly and your heart.  It is the next stop up the chakra system from our "core" and thus connects our truth and receptivity with our heart – our capacity to connect with others.

In our will lives our personal power, our power to bring something into being, our power to choose. It connects us to our right to choose, and our ability to have our choices and all that goes with them – our actions, thoughts, dreams, all that we say, create, sing, express – exist aligned with our truth.

Living in connection to our will and our power to choose, we find our ground, our place to stand, the reason for creating what we create and the inner impulse  –  our “sheer will to do so.

As we enter 2017, and face the turmoil and fear in the world…

Where you’re your standing?

Where is your will?

What will you choose?


This is not the year to let your doubts and your fears reign.  This is not the year to listen to the “who am I to do this?” voice of the inner critic. It is time to allow your true voice to speak. Listen deeply.... invite Her to awaken and emerge. Take your time to get to know Her. Let Her evolve, transform, change. Seek the path for Her to connect and engage with the outside world.

Where are your feat planted? (wiggles toes).

What truth do you need to express? (hands on navel).  

What are you willing into being? (raising right hand to massage the space between the ribs, the solar plexus).


For you? For the world?

Our self expression is driven by will. Without it, even if we have the longing and the courage, we cannot possibly share our creations with the world.

We need:

The will to express.

The will to share.

The will to make sound.

The will to be heard.

The will to choose how we show up, who she (our voice) is, what she expresses and with whom.

As I look towards 2017, I see big year ahead for me personally with the launch of my album “Little World" and the beginning of examining and invoking the dreams I have been harboring around the future of SSOL (more to come).  I am looking at how we can better support each other and become stronger and more connected as a community of women committed to expressing our truth through song and offering healing, joy, connectivity and prayer at a time when the world desperately needs more of this.

I invite your feedback, ideas, questions, desires, needs.

How can I help you express more freely your true voice this year?

(email me at emma@emmasong.com or join the discussion in the SSOL facebook group).


Now, more then ever, the world needs the voices of women.
Your voice is necessary.

It is up to you, and you alone to decide how you will share it. There is no one way. There is no right answer. Claiming your power as a women, means choosing how you will express.

I promise you that as you continue to look, listen, create and most of all stand in your truth, you will gain clarity in your sound and who you are as an artist. Then, you will naturally draw towards you a unique community of listeners who will benefit from your authentic sound-offering.

So this year, let’s all stop trying to be what we think is “wanted,” and inhibit our striving towards “perfection.”

This year, let us choose to stand as we are and express our deepest truth and longing through song.

If you dream of singing onstage in front of a HUGE crowd.
This is your time.
If you dare to finish that song, and sing it for your closest friends... perhaps after a few glasses of wine...
This is your time.
If you are joining thousands of women in the Women’s March on Washington.
This is your time.
If you are choosing to stay quiet, stay inward, turn towards your meditations, your prayers, and invoke, embody and listen to the sacred feminine within.
This is your time.


When we our connected to what we most long to see in the world, our will is invoked and we become unstoppable in birthing that healing energy into the world with our creations.

As you welcome in the first light of the new year…. Ask yourself….

Where is my will? What will I choose?


Have an amazing first month of the year 2017.


Blessings and Love,



Posted on January 4, 2017 .