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Women In Song

  • ArtsRiot Burlington VT (map)


Women In Song Night celebrates women’s voices and feminine power onstage. People of all genders are invited to gather and witness women songwriters, musicians and other performing artists who use song as a primary medium for artistic expression, leadership, collaboration, community and source of personal power. 

At a time and in an industry where patriarchal standards still rule, we aim to showcase a variety of women who exemplify powerful presence onstage and embody feminine leadership.  These women are raw, unleashed and unapologetic in their self-expression, inspiring us to deepen our connections to self, other and our own creative intelligence. 



Emma Back

Emma Back is a dynamic and passionate performer.  Songstress, vocalist, fiddler and live looping artist, she emerges from Balkan, French, Klezmer and Americana Folk influences.  With sensual, bold and raw expression, she uses a loop pedal system to create an intricate sonic experience yet her songs embody at their core the simplicity and heart of the troubadour.  Emma’s lyrics have been called “visual to the point of a cinematic short film” (Colorado Music Buzz), invoking the voice of the divine feminine and world issues of war and diaspora.  Her powerful presence onstage creates a sacred intimate space where her audience can touch their humanity and deepest longing for connection.


SENAYIT – pr: SUNITE; meaning: She brings light

SENAYIT is an artistic dream realized. Defined by Senayit Tomlinson’s unique vocal style along with accessible, infectious melodies and the lyrical sophistication of her prolific songwriting. Deep, natural musicianship and the free and open dedication to that calling reveals itself effortlessly at live performances, whether solo or joined by her band. This intuitive musicianship allows for a freedom of movement and expression indicative of jazz players, yet this is contemporary alternative rock and soul based music which grounds itself in the influences of Radio Head, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray, The Black Keys and formidable elders such as Led Zeppelin.

Sara Grace


Rorrie Kelly

People hearing Rorie Kelly for the first time often comment, "I can't believe that voice came out of that body." The singer/songwriter has been compared to Joni Mitchell and Sara Bareilles for her catchy-confessional songwriting style, and to Alanis Morisette and Janis Joplin for her raw powerhouse vocals. Rorie's debut release, Wish Upon a Bottlecap, received airplay across the nation. Her follow up live CD, Sincerely Live, featured knockout performances of brand new songs and fan favorites. Rorie is currently working on a new studio release called Rising Rising Rising, and a women's empowerment project called Songs to Start a Fire.