SSOL Graduate Program

This is for you if:

  • You have completed either the weekend immersion program, the 3-month program, or at least 1 cycle of the 1:1 mentoring program
  • You got so much from the programs, but are struggling to implement what you learned and trust the transformation you had.
  • You went out into the world and created amazing music, shared it, worked with everything you learned, and now you have questions (that you didn’t even know to ask during the program, or that were not completely answered).
  • It’s been a while since you did the program.  You are at a whole new place with your music and longing for some feedback and support in your current stage.
  • You tried to stay connected with your SSOL sisters and continue to meet up and support each other, but have found it difficult to maintain this and are craving the container of community that SSOL’s programs provide
  • You simply loved the program, you want more!

Option 1:  3 Virtual Circles over 3 months


  • Get feedback from your sisters around what you are working on or what you are struggling with.
  • Get coaching from Emma to further your development of your authentic voice, why your voice is necessary, and receiving so you can begin to attract those who most want to witness you!
  • Be in sacred SSOL community!  Stop feeling so alone on this life-long journey and get the support you need to trust yourself completely and impact the world with your music and message.

$90 (special summer offer!)


Option 2: Monthly 1:1 sessions (3 sessions over 3 months)

Get the 1:1 coaching you need to keep developing your voice, move through any barriers and get clear about your next step.

$240 (savings of $30)

Option 3: Monthly 1:1 Sessions AND virtual circles

Because you just know you want both...

$300 (savings of $60)

Option 4: Fortnightly 1:1 Sessions (6 sessions over 3 months)

Because you know that monthly just isn't enough and you are ready to dive back in and take some giant leaps.

If you choose this option you also get the virtual circles for FREE!  This is optional, as if you DO NOT want group time right now, that is fine.

This this is for you if you just know you want it all!

$480 (savings of $140)

Ready to Register?

Below, select the option that is right for you and click to purchase.  You will then receive a confirmation and all the information you need schedule your 1:1 sessions and join the virtual circles.

SSOL Summer Graduate Program
“Simply because you long to express yourself through song, you are an amazing singer and your voice is necessary!” ~ Emma Back, founder of SSOL


Virtual circles are limited to 4 participants!

Virtual circles will meet via google hangouts on the 1st wednesday of the month (October 7th, November 4th, & December 2nd)  from 7pm ET (4pm PT, 5pm MT).  The circles will work in the following way:  if 1 person registers, we will meet for 30 min.  If 2 people register we will meet for 60 minutes. If 3-4 register, we will meet for 90 minutes.

1:1 sessions will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays every other week June-August and will be scheduled at the time of registration.

Registration is open October 5th (after that please click here if you would like to work with me 1:1)

A note on meeting virtually:

If you have not worked with me 1:1 before, well... it's all about meeting you where you are inside of SSOL's training methods.  I call them "Sessions" because they are not just music lessons.  We will do music! They can be really focused on music (theory, songwriting, vocal work) if you want.  And they are all about receiving the coaching, information, feedback, support space to be HEARD  - anything YOU are needing to move deeper into expressing your true voice. 

If you have never been on a virtual circle, basically, we meet online via video-conferencing.  The circle is run like a "Solo" Round... where you have time to share what is up for you, showcase the music you are working on and get feedback from me and from the group.  This is YOUR time to workshop, process, sing, and practice receiving (yes, that's right... over the WWW...  Though there is nothing like being in a room together you would be surprised how amazingly energy CAN translate!

Questions?  Email