SSOL 1:1 Mentoring Program

The SSOL Mentoring Program is a 3 month cycle of personal 1:1 coaching.  Using the SSOL curiculum as a basis, I meet you where you are and provide you with whatever you need to support your journey at this time.  

This program is specifically designed for you if one of the following statements is true:

  • You have taken voice lessons before, but you still struggle to sing with ease and love your voice and you feel frustrated and unsure as to why.  You feel ready to know the full introcreceis of your voice and have a concrete system that helps you make powerful choices in how you sound in each moment.  You want to be able to trust yourself and not always have to rely on a teacher.
  • You know there is something blocking you from feeling fully powerful in expressing yourself through music, and no matter how many things you “learn” and how much you practice, you can’t seem to take the next step.  You are sick of your friends saying “why aren’t you performing more” or “you have a great voice” because it feels like they just don’t get how vulnerable and hard this can feel.  You feel isolated, alone, missunderstood and ready to give up.
  • You’re at the point where you aren’t sure what to practice and feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel you should be doing.  Your practice feels routine, your not always inspired, and sometimes you even feel close to tears as you face all that you “don’t know” and you just really want someone to hold your hand and tell you what to do to get to where you want to be.
  • Your longing to express yourself is like a fire in your gut.  You are burning up with passion and desire to unleash the power of your voice!  You are done with doubt and fear! You want to jump up and down and say “I’m ready! I’m ready!”  And, you know you need support to take your next step.
  • You feel hesitant and don’t always trust your creative inclinations.  You wish you could write a line of lyrics and know in your gut “yep… that’s it.”  You wish writing, singing, playing and performing felt totally natural, but you often feel a twinge of confusion and wish the creative process was a bit more like math.  Well, its not, BUT this program is for you if you want a system and a toolbox of things you can constantly refer to so you can ALWAYS get unstuck when you feel blocked in your creative process or stopped by some fear.
  • You've always had to rely on other people to make music, play shows etc and would LOVE to trust yourself and have the know-how to take your music (career) to the next level.

We start the 90 day cycle of 1:1 mentoring whenever you are ready!  I will meet you where you are at in each session, and offer you support on what you want and need most including:

  • Work on the receiving practice and owning the stage with power & poise.
  • Get to know YOUR voice like you would a best friend.  Know how to support her & work with her in all circumstances so you can be confident, inspired, free of doubt and finally have the courage to take your next big step to share her with the world.
  • Clarify your artistic sound & gain the tools to develop this so you can know 100% who you are as an artist feel empowered and clear when you tell people about your music.
  • Get coaching & support around why your voice is necessary so you can have a reference point of why you are doing this and trust the process.
  • Vocal Technique work grounded in anatomical knowledge & body-awareness so you can integrate feeling, knowing and sound to experience freedom, ease and confidence in your singing.
  •  Support and coaching around your projects - recording, booking, touring, crowd-funding etc so you can take it to the next level!
  • Coaching around feminine empowerment, being heard and seen and how to heal the wounds that are still holding you back.
  • Learn and work with SSOL’s bullet-proof (feminine) improvisation based Songwriting Process plus fill your music theory gaps so you can know exactly how to create on your own and get the tools to create inspiration and flow whenever you feel stuck.
  • Understand how to integrate masculine and feminine ways of creating and being so you feel balanced and fulfilled by your practice and creative process. 

Choose between two different offerings to suite you budget, intentions and individual needs

Full Moon Fortnight
THREE 90-minute1:1 sessions with Emma over the course of 3 months via skype or in person pending your location and availability
SIX 90-minute 1:1 sessions over the course of 3 months with Emma via skype or in person pending your location & availability
Recordings of each session emailed directly to you within 24 hours so you can always return to the insight, wisdom, support & magic we created together in that time
Lesson notes emailed to you after each lesson so you can have a quick reference on what exercises we did, what you are working on and what came up for you
Lifetime access to private facebook group with all SSOL sisters so you can share & get ongoing support, discuss relevant topics & even collaborate! Plus, jump on a monthly private chat lead by Emma to get additional questions answered as you grow (forever!)
90 day workbook with mindset, body, vocal, creative & process exercises to support you in going deeper with the material we work on in our sessions




Full Moon