When we let our own light shine, we unconciously give others permission to do the same
— Marianne Williamson

What if, it was your divine destiny, to impact the world with your music and message? 

  • Do you often think about doing more with music... but find it get's put on the back burner again and again? 
  • Do you pretend this is okay, but when you really think about it, you feel heartbroken?
  • Did something happen in your past that stopped you from continuing to express yourself fully through music and now, when you talk about music, have a story that starts "I used to play/sing.... I used to love music but...." 
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when other people's attention is on you and do you suffer from stage fright?
  • Do you feel limited and disempowered when you think about taking the next step in your music career?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to practice to become a better musician?

All of SSOL's core programs include:

  •  A step by step process so you can be confident and bold in receiving attention and be onstage free of fear, doubt or any sense of being constrained.
  • Create who you are as ~ how you perform, what songs, what vibe and with whom so you can feel clear and confident in your unique sound.
  • Vocal technique and other music training so you can be free of vocal tension or frustration and unleash rapid growth in your musicianship. 
  • End your self-judgment and stop holding yourself back: discover why your voice is necessary so that you can impact the world with your music and message.
  • Find your inner bad-ass so that you can own your identity as a musician and stop pretending this isn’t your dream and start reaching for it instead!
  •  Sacred circles of women so you can practice and process in a community who shares your similar longing, struggle and beauty, helps you see how amazing you are supports you in taking your next big step.
  • The tools to build your big vision and global audience so you can create the music career of your dream.

We are currently in the middle of re-designing our 3 month programs!  For now, we are offering the weekend intensive, which is a pre-request for all other programs.  Check back soon for other updates. 

SSOL Step onto the Stage Live Weekend Intensive

  • Gather in women’s singer-songwriter community to receive the guidance, support, listening space and wisdom to propel you forward into your dream of deepening the discovery of your true voice and authentic gift.
  • Be trained extensively in “the witness practice” so you can connect authentically with your audience and be free of any fear, doubt or anxiety around performing. Vocal technique training so you can bring out what is true, unique and beautiful in your voice and be free of vocal tension or frustration in sounding how you want to sound.
  •  Receive personal coaching from Emma while being witnessed by the group so you can deepen your process, pinpoint where your work lies and know exactly what to practice to achieve YOUR musical dream in a process that is free and joyful.  You will also benefit from witnessing others being coached.
  • Create and discover who you are as a musician – learn to communicate from your heart about the music you offer so you can feel clear and empowered in your gift: know it, pinpoint it and articulate it so you can draw your audience towards you and share this amazing gift.
  • A step by step songwriting process so you can connect with your authentic musical voice, be free from any “writers block” and stay inspired so you can consistently write songs you love with joy, freedom and ease.
  • Pre-assignments to begin your process now and give you more tools to take into the weekend so you can jumpstart your growth.
  •  A recording of 3 visualizations so you can continue to practice dissolving your fears and realize your true potential. 
  • Closed Facebook discussion group with all the SSOL sisters so you can get ongoing support from our community including music collaboration and a place to continue to share and process what came up for you in the intensive.
  • (Optional) Final performance at a public venue so that you can share with friends and family what you discovered and practiced in the weekend and experience being re-born into a new experience of what is possible for you as a musician and onstage.
  • 30 minute follow up call with Emma so you can celebrate yourself, clarify any questions, and be empowered to take your next step with confidence and momentum.





Weekend Intensive Current Dates & Locations

May 17th & 18th - San Francisco, CA

May 31st & June 1st - Boulder, CO

September 13th & 14th - Montpelier, VT

September 27th & 27th - Boulder CO

October 4th & 5th San Francisco, CA

January 17th & 18th - Montpelier, VT

February 7th & 8th - Boulder CO

February 21st & 22nd - San Francisco, CA

Want the weekend intensive to come to your city?  Contact Emma at emma@emmasong.com


SSOL 3 - Month Programs

Pre-requisit for either Level 1 or Level 2 =  Complete Live Weekend Intensive

Level 1 Level 2
3 sacred virtual circles with Emma and other women so you can get ongoing support, get your questions answered, share your breakthroughs, discuss the challenges that come up and receive the, wisdom, reflection and coaching to help you stay connected to your musical gift and have the courage to continue to take bold steps and be the musician you were born to be YES YES
3 Live Circles with your local sisters so you deepen the work we did in the intensive, continue to share your music, get feedback, and practice being witnessed in a supportive, sacred community. YES YES
A “workbook” PDF sent weekly with assignments, journal exercises, meditations and practice tips so you know exactly what to focus on in your practice and have a weekly structure to support you in your personal process. YES YES
1:1 sessions with Emma to receive the specific support you need, pinpoint where your personal work lies, deepen your process and know exactly what focus on and what to practice to achieve your musical dream. 3 6
5 Training Webinars that give you a step by step process on “the business side of music” so you can to book the shows you long for, record your album, tour, grow your audience through live and online mediums and create multiple revenue streams so you can build your dream music career and impact the world with your music and message. YES
3 Virtual Q & A Calls so you can be clear on how to implement the program to build your unique musical dream, and work through any barriers holding you back. YES
All the templates, checklists and resources you need to streamline “the business side” so you can love being a DYI artist and know exactly what to do to grow your dream, bring in income and experience being professional in the industry. YES
Recordings of all Training and Coaching Calls so you can use the materials and information as you continue to grow down the road. YES
Lifetime access to an online database of National Venues built and updated by SSOL sisters so you can know exactly what venues to contact to build the audience that connects most with your music. YEs


LEVEL 1: $750

Level 2: $1650

3-month programs are offered twice per year in fall and winter.  You must complete a Live weekend intensive to participate.  Learn more about the weekend intensive.


Work with Emma 1:1

90 minute session $100.