Emma Back delivered me to myself. I experienced a complete shift—now I see myself as a singer/songwriter at all times. From day one, Emma astounded me with her insights. She intuitively knew exactly what to say to disarm every last block I had about songwriting and pursuing a music career. Emma’s coaching brought great clarity to who I am, what I have to offer, how I communicate my music and how I present myself on and off stage. Her vocal techniques were unconventional and powerful. She inspired my songwriting abilities and introduced me to the loop pedal—opening up a world of possibilities. I cannot say enough about Emma. Her unique, fun, earnest, authentic presence in my life has been a huge gift.
— Gezel, Boulder CO

Before the SSOL3-month program, I was a frustrated performer with a lack of confidence. In fact, I didn’t admit to being a singer or songwriter, despite the fact I love to sing and would often find myself making songs up. Of course I didn’t write them down. Why would anyone want to hear my voice?

Doing the program has helped me to heal and sort out the difference between my creativity and artistic yearning and the issues that have held me back from expressing them. With support from Emma Back and our incredible witness circle of women, I was able to gradually emerge. She offers such helpful tools to help women share our authentic voices in much more comfortable ways—and how to be comfortable with the discomfort until it shifts.

One of the key ways Emma works that is unique and powerful is to teach us to honor the process of emerging, the process of learning to share our voices, the process of turning into the performer/singer/songwriter we truly are. There is a spiritual perfection to being as an evolutionary process, and Emma teaches us to honor this sacred process. We are so fortunate to have Emma Back as a resource to all women who want to find their authentic voices and share them!

I wrote a musical when I was 7 and have only written one song in my adult life. Since starting in Emma’s program, I write about two songs a week. They are each unique, they come from within and somewhere mysterious, and it makes me so happy to be doing this! I’ve even sold my first song on elance! Also, I used to feel like an awkward gimp singing even in church. Now I find myself singing and even harmonizing with much more confidence and ease. It’s so much more fun!

I now have the courage to write songs! I have the courage to perform solo onstage. I have the courage to sing out loud in a variety of situations. I have the courage to call myself a singer songwriter. I have the courage to write piano music, the courage to write guitar music and the courage to perform in general.

I have rarely invested money in anything I found halfway as valuable as working with Emma. I recommend her wholeheartedly!
— Sara Wright, Boulder CO

I’ve been on the verge of quitting music altogether for years. I felt unsure of myself and what I have to offer as a musician. The program taught me to trust myself and to stop being afraid of offering my musical gifts to others. Emma creates a safe space to share your music. She is great at pinpointing the areas you are struggling in and giving you tools you need to accept where you are and let the music be healing instead of painful. I am now more willing to put in the work to get myself to the next level. I am more excited about playing shows and sharing my music with people. Instead of being distracted with how things should look, I have a new trust in myself as a performer.
— Emily Shreve, Denver CO

Before the program, I didn’t know I could sing or get up in front of people and feel confident in sharing my voice or myself with others. The program has brought me such deep appreciation for myself, my voice, and my purpose in the world as a woman. It also has shown me the vital importance of receiving and supporting each other in sharing our voices. Now I know that my voice is necessary.
— Mary Lynne Fernandez, Boulder CO

I am 59 years old. I had been despairing and depressed about having shut my Music Inner Child in the closet for decades. Since doing the SSOL weekend immersion program, I’ve come out of the closet. As with any such scenario, artistic or otherwise, it’s an essential change. I gained an understanding of what makes me tick and what fires me up as an artist - why I do what I do. I now feel confident in calling myself a Revealer and a Synthesizer.
— Margaret Richardson, White River Junction VT

Before this workshop, I did not consider myself a singer or musical performer at all. It was outside of what I thought myself to be. I even questioned whether I even belonged at the workshop because of this view. But during the workshop, I rediscovered a powerful voice I forgot that I had. Thanks to the activities that we did and Emma’s on point coaching, the possibility of doing musical theater is now present and alive. I know myself as a singer and a creative force to be reckoned with.
— Stephanie Wong, Denver CO

Nerves and anxiety about my ability to perform were getting in the way. Now I have the tools to get to a place where the process will be a pleasure for me and those listening to me. Emma’s musical training and performance experience as well as her deep understanding of the ways women are blocked from their best selves, combine powerfully in the program.
After attending the workshop, I feel much more confident about my abilities and my right to own the stage! I have a deeper appreciation of my own gift and I am now empowered to share it with others. I also have tools for better vocal control. I feel better prepared to get out there and sing!
— Patricia Bertozzi-Buck, Orford NH