About SSOL

SSOL (pronounced SOUL) helps spiritualy minded women singer-songwriters, performers and those who have always longed to express themselves through music, move from fear, doubt and resignation to own the stage you were born for with confidence, courage, and connection so you can build your musical dream and impact the world with your music and message

Welcome! I know you have an amazing gift to offer the world through your music. It is my experience that what stops most women from expressing themselves on and offstage is our struggle to have attention on us. SSOL is founded upon the principle that to be powerful onstage, we have to learn to receive.  When we become not only comfortable, but confident in receiving attention, we can easily connect to our true creative power and and express ourselves on and offstage with freedom, joy and easy.  Instead of working to become “better,” we work to soften, listen, and gain confidence that “our voice is necessary.”

Watch this video to learn the story and core principles of SSOL.

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What is SSOL?

SSOL is a feminine pathway for spiritually minded women singer/songwriters to become the confident, courageous and connected onstage so that you can own the stage you were born for, live your musical dream and impact the world with your music and message.

SSOL is a global community of women who know that music is integral to our lives and is an amazing healing force in the world.   We know that we need support to succeed and so we gather in women’s sacred community to learn, practice and grow.

SSOL is a training ground to help you discover what it is you long to express and give you the concrete tools, practices, and nitty gritty music business advice to grow into your unique sound and express this truth out in the world. 

Even if you think “I’m not really a musician.” Or “I’m not good enough to be a PROFESSIONAL musician,” simply because you long to express yourself through song I know you have an amazing gift and I am here to help you develop and trust that gift so you can offer it to the world.  You are a musician, simply because you have this longing!